Making A Difference In Individuals Lives
Adele J. Foster is a dynamic high-energy individual who is recognized as an effective motivational and empowering team player as well as a good communicator.  She has a proven track record in delivering results, developing and coordinating special projects and events, improving client satisfaction and developing community relations.  Strengths include the ability to research, excellent marketing and networking skills, proficient in computer technology.

Adele’s business experiences and entrepreneurial pursuits include managing a self-publishing company, training and coaching entrepreneurs, hosting her own television talk show, director and founder of an adult learning center, authoring several books, and fundraising and marketing for non-profit agencies.
"For more than 15 years I worked as a Business Counselor for Small Business Development Centers in New Jersey and Texas and was an instructor for universities and community colleges helping hundreds of clients and students learn about their careers, business and themselves.  This help them to choose their career/business paths, often times stepping out of their comfort zones to take their careers/business in a whole new direction. I loved my career!"

"So I embarked on a journey of self discovery, gaining my own clarity with who I was and what I wanted for my life and career.  The journey was an exciting, and often scary one…full of “what if’s”. Being the risktaker that I am I knew I wanted something new and adventurous for my life but I needed support and encouragement to “let go of the ledge” of my comfort …so I hired my own coach – someone who challenged me to do more than I ever thought I would."