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This book is full of information for starting your business to getting another business book, free 30 minute coach and more...To get a copy of this book click on the link below.
"While reviewing this thoughtful book, I also asked myself many of the questions presented to entrepreneurs in Adele Foster’s book. The advice, processes and steps contained in DO IT FIRST, DO IT RIGHT, DO IT BETTER, DO IT NOW! The Road Map To Entrepreneurship, maybe the best book you read this year to start, do and achieve your dreams of entrepreneurialism."

Valder Beebe
CEO PIP Productions LLC
Host, The Valder Beebe Show

"It's been said that “the best speakers are the ones who make the fewest words go the furthest!” Well, it can also apply to Authors as well and that's what Adele Foster-Glenn has done in this book. She gives great information without all the fluff, and this book will educate and empower Entrepreneurs... so get it, read it, and heed it to succeed!" - Dr. Stan Harris AKA Dr. Breakthrough 10th degree Black belt, Evangelist, Master Motivator, Business Coach & Author www.DrBreakthrough.com

"I loved this book! I literally followed every instruction page by page.  Adele made each step very clear and simple to follow. I highly recommend this book to all budding entrepreneurs. When I read this book, I had already been in business for myself for about a year or so but the information in this book took me to the next level.
Edwina Frazier, President - Partners In Success