"The Healthy Woman: Inside And Out" was written to help individuals breakthrough self-imposed barriers and it will literally pull you in a magnetic direction to achieve and apply the five principles in your life of Spirituality, Love and Family, Education, Emotions and Psychology.

Interview with Dr. Linda Wilson sharing about her experience as a police officer, her battle with drugs and her recovery. Now she is the proud owner of wantitfoundation.com. As she says "You got to want it in order to change your life..
The Healthy Woman: Inside And Out featuring Laela Naghela El
The Healthy Woman: Inside And Out featuring Amy Olivero Pirtle
Out Of The Darkness Into The Marvelous Light: Rosa Ortega shares with us her dark side growing up with a mother who worked magic to obtain what she wanted out of life. Using Rosa as a tool for sex and other opportunities that she saw fit. Today Rosa Ortega has a strong faith in God and lives a strong and healthy life style
Georgette Taylor Panic on The Healthy Woman: Inside And Out, Ever experience panic attacks? Georgette shares with us her experience and what help her to realize it was a panic attack.